This Corporation shall be known as, LIVERPOOL ROD & GUN CLUB, INC.

The purpose of this club shall be as follows:
To promote interest in hunting, fishing, shooting, and other lawful sports; to aid in the propagation, protection, preservation and conservation of birds, fish, game, wildlife and natural resources; and to provide social and athletic recreation for its members.

The Corporate Seal of the Club shall be circular in form with a diameter of one and seven-eighths inches with the inscriptions LIVERPOOL ROD & GUN CLUB at the top, and LIVERPOOL, N.Y. at the bottom, INCORPORATED 1940 at the center.

The membership of the club shall be composed of persons in the following categories: Life, and Active members.
a) Life members shall be determined upon recommendation of the Board of Directors by unanimous vote and a favorable vote of not less than two-thirds of the members present at any regular meeting. Life membership shall be limited to those persons who have been active members of the Club for a period of not less than twenty consecutive years, and who shall have achieved distinction through services of single merit to the Club. Life members so elected shall be entitled to vote and hold office and shall be considered an active member.
b) Active members shall be determined by a majority vote of the members present at any regular meeting. Active members must be twenty-one years of age and members in good standing of the National Rifle Association. Applications for membership shall be submitted in writing upon a form approved by the Board of Directors. Each applicant must attend two regular general membership meetings, complete the mandated safety briefing, provide proof of NRA membership as stated in by-laws, and be, personally present at the regular monthly meeting at which his application is presented to the membership for consideration. The application process must completed within a 1 year period. No application shall be acted upon unless the applicant is present.
A new member is assessed an initiation fee, in addition to first year dues. The first year is probationary. The new member is expected to attend any scheduled workday, or provide service -in-kind. The probationary year terminates if no disciplinary action, as stated in Article 10, is initiated.

The Officers of the Liverpool Rod & Gun Club shall be a President, a Vice- President, a Secretary, and a Treasurer, each of whom shall be installed at the annual meeting. Each of whom shall serve a term of one year, and until the next annual meeting.
The Officers shall assume their duties immediately upon installation at the annual meeting, and the fiscal year shall coincide with such installation.
There shall be a Board of Directors, which shall consist of the duly elected Officers and nine Directors, with three Directors to be elected for a term of three years at each annual election.

The President shall preside at all meetings of the Club, and shall call special meetings of the Board of Directors at his discretion. The President shall perform such duties as shall regularly pertain to his office. The President shall be ex-officio member of all standing and special committees. The President shall submit annual reports.
The Vice-President shall assume the duties of the President in the absence of the President, and shall assist the President in the discharge of the Presidents regular duties and shall preside at all meetings of the Board of Directors.
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of the Club and the minutes of the Board of Directors, and have custody of all reports, communications, and documents connected with the proceedings of the Club; have custody of the Corporate Seal; maintain a correct listing of the Club membership, including addresses and date of election to membership; conduct correspondence of the Club, and give due notice of all meetings; and perform such other services as may, from time to time, be required by membership or the Board of Directors.
The Treasurer shall notify each member of dues and other financial obligations as they may be due or payable; assume charge of the fiscal affairs of the Club and shall keep, by means for that purpose, a correct accounting of all monies received or paid; disburse funds at the direction of the Board of Directors in cash or upon checks to be signed by him and or by the President; deposit Club funds in such bank or banks as shall be approved by the Board of Directors; at each annual meeting, and when otherwise requested by the President, give a detailed account of the financial condition of the Club.
The Board of Directors shall have general supervision of the property, finances, and affairs of the Club. They shall make such rules and regulations for the conduct of their meetings and the management of the affairs of the Club, as they deem proper. They shall have the power to fill any vacancies occurring upon the Board of Directors or among any of the elected officers of the Club, provided that such vacancies shall be filled only until the next annual election. The Board of Directors is empowered to act in any situation where, because of time restrictions, it is impossible to convene a special meeting of the membership at large. Members of the Board of Directors are required to make at minimum 10 meeting per year unless prior approval has been given by the board.

The annual meeting shall be the January meeting of each year at which the officers and directors shall be installed for the ensuing year.
The regular meeting shall be held on the fourth Tuesday of each month at such time and place as shall be designated by the President, but if no time or place is otherwise designated, then at the Club house in the Town of Clay at the hour of 7:00 PM.
The Board of Directors meeting shall be held on the second Tuesday of each month at such time and place as shall be designated by the Vice President, but if no time or place is otherwise designated, then at the Club house in the Town of Clay at the hour of 7:00 PM. The Board of Directors meeting is open to the general membership and guests with the exception of executive sessions.

The meeting to elect new officers and board members shall be the fourth Tuesday in November, coinciding with the General Membership meeting.
Special meetings of the Club may be called by the President, or by the Secretary if there shall be presented to the President a written petition subscribed by not less than fifteen active members.
It shall be the duty of the Secretary to notify each and every member in good standing a notice of all special meetings.
At any regular meeting of the Club, or at any annual meeting thereof, or at any special meeting called upon due notice to all members the presence of ten active members in good standing, exclusive of the presiding officer, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A quorum for the Board of Directors shall consist of not less than six Board members.

All committees, whether standing or special, shall be appointed by the President. The nominating committee shall consist of not less than three members who shall be appointed by the President at a regular monthly meeting at least one month prior to the election. It shall be the duty of such nominating committee to propose and present to the membership at large, at the next October meeting, recommendations for each elective office, including directorships. Such recommendations, however, shall not preclude nominations made from the floor at the election meeting or write-in votes by any member in good standing for any office.

Each member shall pay to the Treasurer on or before the 31st day of March in each year, as and for annual membership dues, the amount as stated in the by-laws for members age 66 and younger at the time of renewal and a $10 discount for those 67 years of age and older, or such other amount as shall be, from time to time, established by a two-thirds vote of the active members present at the regularly scheduled meeting, or a special meeting called for the purpose of changing the annual dues, or at any annual meeting for which due notice has been given. The dues shall not be changed during the calendar year, which is established as January 1 through December 31. A member shall be immediately dropped if said member is in arrears on annual dues after the 31st day of March of each year. Members who have been dropped from the active membership rolls need to reapply and satisfy all current new member requirements to regain membership.

A member may be suspended or expelled upon charges preferred in writing to the Board of Directors and presented at a meeting of the Club. Such charges shall be acted upon either at- the next regular meeting of the Club or at a special meeting convened for that purpose. If it shall be necessary to suspend or expel a member, there must be an affirmative vote by two-thirds of the members present, but no vote shall be taken until the allegedly offending member shall have been given an opportunity to appear and present a defense.
Suspension of membership, removal of Club privileges, or expulsion shall be for such reasons of offenses as the membership shall from time to time provide, but it shall be mandatory that any member be expelled if said member be found guilty, or plead guilty to, or make a civil compromise in a settlement of, any intentional violation of the Conservation Law of the State of New York, and it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to prefer charges whenever brought to their attention.
Any office of the Club may be declared vacant by the Board of Directors, and it shall be the duty of the Board of Directors to declare any office vacant if the incumbent thereof shall consistently neglect the duties of such office or be found guilty of acts detrimental to the best interests of the Club. A unanimous vote shall be limited to the members actually attending the Board of Directors meeting, provided that such attendance shall constitute a quorum.

Any amendments to this constitution shall be proposed at a regularly scheduled meeting. The proposal may be presented in writing by any member in good standing, and, after being read, shall be referred to a special committee for study, or at the option of the President, shall be referred to the Board of Directors. The said committee, or the Board of Directors, shall study the proposal and render a report thereupon at the next regularly scheduled meeting, at which meeting the amendment may be adopted by a favorable two-thirds (2/3) vote of the members present.
All resolutions, directives, appointments, or regulations heretofore promulgated, ordered, or decreed by the officers, or directors, or membership at large, which are not in conflict with any portion of the Constitution, shall be considered valid and binding and of full force and effect, and they are hereby declared so to be.
This Constitution shall be considered adopted when it has been approved by the existing Board of Directors, and has received the favorable vote of two- thirds of the members present at two consecutive regularly scheduled meetings.

The meetings of this Corporation shall be governed by Roberts' Rules of Order, on all points not specified in this Constitution.
The Charter of this Club, granted by the State of New York, and this Constitution and any amendments here-after enacted, shall constitute and establish the organization of this Membership Corporation and shall govern the relations of the members of the corporation to each other. In cases of conflict, the Constitution shall be governed by provisions of the Charter, and the whole shall be subject to the laws of the State of New York and the United States of America.
This Constitution incorporates all amendments through June 24 th 2014.

  1. Club Dissolution
    1. Property and asset shall be divided equally among active members in good standing on a share basis. Shares will be issued on the basis of 1 per year of continuous active membership starting from 1960. Proceeds will be divided by the total number of shares.

  2. Membership

    1. Dues - $80 per year as of January 1 st 2014 discounted per the constitution

    2. Guest Limit - 3 people per member on the premises. Members must remain in close proximity on the same range with their guests at all times. The members are responsible for the supervision of the guests and their adherence of the range and safety rules.

    3. Membership Limit - 180 members

    4. Proof of NRA Membership - Per the constitution NRA membership is required as a condition of active membership. Proof of membership shall be submitted annually. Proof of NRA membership shall be maintained by the membership committee. Acceptable forms of membership proof must include Name, NRA membership # and expiration date. Examples of proof are NRA membership card or NRA mailing label

    5. Dues Payment - Membership payment shall be submitted to the secretary by mail or in person at a meeting by March 31 st each year.

  3. Range Rules/Operation

    1. Range Hours – Sunrise to Sunset

    2. Range Safety Rules

      1. LRGC is private property; shooting is for members and their guests only. You must have your membership card displayed on your person, and present it when asked. Please sign the range usage book located on each range.

      2. Every firearm is considered loaded at all times and treated accordingly.

      3. Always keep muzzle pointed down range. Bolt/Action shall not be closed unless muzzle is pointing at target.

      4. There shall be no handling of firearms while anyone is forward of either firing line on the rifle or pistol range. Always request a cease fire (safe range) before moving forward of either firing line. All firearms shall be unloaded with actions open, and magazines removed. Use of empty chamber indicators is encouraged.

      5. Rifles (center fire / black powder) may only be used on the 200-yard rifle range.

      6. Pistols firing pistol caliber ammunition only may be used on the pistol range. .22 caliber Rim fire rifles may also be used on the pistol range

      7. Shotguns are limited to the 50-yard stationary target board off the north end of the pistol range. Shotguns are not allowed on the rifle or pistol range.

      8. There shall be no aerial target shooting of any kind.

      9. Shooters will refrain from the type of shooting that would alarm a normal person. Example rapid fire shooting from high capacity magazines.

      10. All shooting will be done from the designated firing lines (concrete pads). There shall be no shooting forward of the firing line, without express permission of the board for organized matches.

      11. There shall be no consumption of alcohol or other mood-altering drug on the range. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may use the range.

      12. Any firearm handled in the clubhouse shall be unloaded, have the action open, chamber cleared and magazine removed. Use of an empty chamber indicator is encouraged.

      13. When more than one member is present at the range, order of arrival on the range will determine the range officer.

      14. Unsafe or unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

      15. LRGC has no trash service and has a carry in/carry out policy. All used targets shall be removed from club supplied target frames and removed from the premises. There shall be no burning of debris on the range.

      16. All fired cartridge cases shall be policed from the firing lines and deposited in the appropriate bucket for recycling.

      17. The Board of Directors must approve any activity or function that may conflict with the safety and range rules. 

    3. Target restriction

      1. Type

        1. Only paper targets may be used

        2. The only exception is metal targets for .22 caliber rim fire only.

      2. Height restriction

        1. Target point of impact for center fire rifles 200yd range

          1. From the seated position must be 71"(minimum) from the ground, and placed so bullets impact directly into the back stop.

          2. From the standing position must be 88"(minimum) from the ground, and placed so bullets impact directly into the back stop.

        2. Target point of impact for center fire pistols on the 50yd range

          1. From the seated position must be 52"(minimum) from the ground, and placed so bullets impact directly into the back stop.

          2. From the standing position must be 70"(minimum) from the ground, and placed so bullets impact directly into the back stop.

        3. .22 Rim fire rifle targets may be placed at any height that shall not allow the bullet to pass above the berm and ground mounted metal targets may be used with .22 caliber only.

        4. There will be no exceptions on target height for center fire rifles or pistols. It is the members’ responsibility to ensure that rounds are impacting the back stop. Failure to do so is grounds for discipline.

      3. Illegal targets include

        1. Any metallic targets fired upon with anything other than .22 rim fire

        2. Bowling pins, Plates, Bottles, Cans, Clay pigeons, etc.

        3. Any non-paper/cardboard target

    4. Violators of these rules will be subject to disciplinary action by the board of directors, which may include membership revocation.

  4. Committees

    1. General requirements

      1. Committees shall consist of 3 to 5 members to include a board member

      2. Budget not to exceed $100 without prior board approval.

      3. Committees chairpersons shall be solicited at the November membership meeting and appointed at the December board meeting

    2. Nominating - Seasonal

      1. Nominating candidates for officers and board – See constitution Article 8 for details

      2. August through November

      3. Committee to be appointed in August by the President

      4. Shall be chaired by an ongoing member of the board

      5. Nominations shall be submitted to the board at the October board meeting and presented to the membership

    3. Buildings / Infrastructure -

      1. Description – Responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the following structures on club property: Sheds, firing points, berms, targets(general use) and exterior of club house

      2. Maintenance of Buildings to include paint, siding roofing and etc.

      3. Work days

        1. Schedule with grounds

        2. Provide a list of projects and materials

      4. Pest control (i.e. Mouse traps)

      5. Water Filters/ Well maintenance

      6. Septic System

      7. Club House heating

    4. Grounds

      1. Maintenance of Ground

      2. Grass/ Driveway sidewalks range road

      3. Mower maintenance

      4. Work days

        1. Schedule with infrastructure

        2. Provide a list of projects and materials

    5. Housekeeping -

      1. Cleanliness of club interior excluding kitchen

      2. House supplies – Cleaning products, paper products

      3. First Aid Kit. – restock and maintain as needed

    6. Kitchen

      1. Responsible for cleanliness of kitchen

      2. Kitchen supplies

      3. Arranging appropriate refreshments and food to be available at scheduled meetings and events. It is the event organizers responsibility to contact committee chairmen to determine the needs of the event and setting menu and prices

      4. It is the responsibility of the committee to ensure appropriate staffing for meeting and events.

      5. Stocking of soda, paper products, coffee service and additional condiments

      6. Coordinate with house committee for cleaning supplies

      7. Potable Water

    7. Membership

      1. Membership renewal

      2. Proposing guidelines

      3. Responsible for dues notices

      4. NRA membership verification and database system

      5. Receiving membership payments

      6. Maintaining Active membership list with secretary / treasure

    8. Competition

      1. Events/matches – scheduling and proposing events to board, organizing/providing necessary staffing

      2. Leagues – propose, schedule, ensure staffing

    9. Range Safety

      1. Members – committee chairmen to function as chief range officer

      2. Conducts safety briefings for prospective members (all board members shall have this responsibility)

      3. Proposes and maintains range rules

    10. Communication/Media

      1. Website

      2. Mailings

      3. Newsletters

      4. Publicity

  5. Work Days

    1. Shall be held twice a year at a minimum or additionally as required

  6. Matches/Events Facility usage/approval

    1. No commercial use unless approved by the board of directors.

    2. All requests for range and/or facility usage shall be submitted to the board of directors in writing a minimum of 30 days in advance. Included in the proposal shall be details about any governing bodies, courses of fire, facility usage, range closure details and duration along with required staffing. The board can request additional detail as deemed necessary.

  7. Federation Delegate

      1. LRGC participates in Onondaga county sportsmen federation and is requested to provide a delegate.

      2. Host monthly meeting once per year

      3. Attend Federation meeting as representative

  8. By-Law changes

    1. Any changes shall be submitted to the board of the directors in writing.

    2. The proposed changes will be reviewed and voted upon by the board of directors.

    3. Changes shall also be approved by 2/3rds of the members present at a regularly scheduled membership meeting.


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