Shooters are given 2.5 minutes to make 1 shot per target at a bank of 5 targets. The targets consist of chickens at 25 yards, pigs at 50 yards, turkeys at 75 yards, and rams at 100 yards. All shots are taken from the standing position. Each competitor gets 1 shot at each target at each distance. Time is permitted between each distance to reload. The league starts in May (date will be announced) and will shoot each Tuesday starting at 6:00PM through August. Information on start date will be posted on the news and events page as well as the club calendar.


You Need:

.22 Caliber rifle (magazine fed or single load)

Rifle scope (adjustable) to allow changes in distance

Standard velocity .22 rimfire ammunition (Amount will depend on number of relays you wish to fire)

Hearing protection (mandatory)

Eye protection (optional, but recommended)


Rifle Silhouette

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