Liverpool Rod and Gun Club Inc.

Range Safety Rules

(The word "range" will mean the rifle and pistol range firing line )

1.) Our club is private property, shooting is for members and their guests only. You must have your membership card with you, and show it when asked.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            2.) Every firearm is considered loaded at all times and treated accordingly.

3.) Always keep muzzle pointed down range

4.) There shall be no handling of firearms while anyone is forward of the firing line on the rifle or pistol range. Always request a cease fire (safe range) before moving forward of the firing line. All firearms shall be unloaded with actions open, and magazines removed. Range safety lights will be activated any time a person is forward of the firing line, there are no exceptions to this rule.

5.) Targets must be 66"(minimum) from the ground, and placed so bullets impact directly into the back stop. There will be no exceptions on target height for center fire rifles.

6.) .22 Rim fire rifle targets may be placed at any height and ground mounted spinners may be used with .22 caliber only.

7.) Club supplied or similar targets must be used. Refer to #5 for minimum target height.

8.) Only paper targets may be used, with the exception of .22 caliber rim fire metal spinners.

9.) Rifles (center fire / black powder) firing rifle caliber ammunition may only be used on the 200-yard rifle range.

10.) Pistols firing pistol caliber ammunition only may be used on the pistol range. .22 caliber Rim fire rifles may also be used on the pistol range

11.) Shotguns are limited to the 50-yard stationary target board off the north end of the pistol range. Shotguns are not allowed on the rifle or pistol range.

12.) There shall be no aerial target shooting of any kind.

13.) Shooters will refrain from the type of shooting that would alarm a normal person. Example rapid fire shooting from high capacity magazines.

14.) All shooting will be done from the designated firing line (concrete pads). There shall be no shooting forward of the firing line.

15.) There shall be no consumption of alcohol or other mood-altering drug on the range. No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs may use the range.

16.) Members may have a maximum of three guests, and are responsible for the conduct and actions of those guests. Members must remain with guests at all times.

17.) Any firearm handled in the clubhouse shall be unloaded, have the action open, chamber cleared and magazine removed.

18.) When more than one member is present at the range, order of arrival on the range will determine the range officer.

19.) Unsafe or un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.


General Range Rules

1.) Shooting hours are from sunrise to sunset.

2.) Range may be closed for mowing, workdays, approved match shooting and hunter safety.

3.) There shall be no burning of debris on the range.

4.) Liverpool Rod and Gun club has no trash service, what you bring here you bring home.

5.) The board of directors must approve commercial use of the range.

6.) Violators of these rules (Safety / General) will be subject to disciplinary

action by the board of directors, which may include membership revocation.

7.) The Board of Directors must approve any activity or function that may conflict with the safety and range rules.


Club Rules