Offhand shooting at a distance of 200 yards using the SR target. The course of fire is 20 shots in 20 minutes. Any caliber rifle allowed by club rules. The Fall portion will begin in October and run every other week for five weeks. The spring portion will begin in March again every other week for five weeks . Schedules will be posted each year in September. Cost is $10.00 registration (1 time covers both spring and fall) and $2.00 for each 20-shot relay fired.


Rifle Classes

Match Rifle : Heavy barrels (Any center fire caliber)

Hunter / Sporter : Scoped hunting style rifles (Center fire)

Rimfire : Any .22 or .17 caliber

Military Iron sight : Any as issue military rifle (Iron sights)

Military/Service Scoped

Service Rifle : AR style or M1A

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Fall/Spring Rifle League